All the Ugly and Wonderful Things


All the Ugly and Wonderful Things All the Ugly and Wonderful Things

AUTHOR: Bryn Greenwood

GENRE: Literary Fiction

PUBLISHED: August 9th, 2016


A beautiful and provocative love story between two unlikely people and the hard-won relationship that elevates them above the Midwestern meth lab backdrop of their lives.

As the daughter of a drug dealer, Wavy knows not to trust people, not even her own parents. It’s safer to keep her mouth shut and stay out of sight. Struggling to raise her little brother, Donal, eight-year-old Wavy is the only responsible adult around. Obsessed with the constellations, she finds peace in the starry night sky above the fields behind her house, until one night her star gazing causes an accident. After witnessing his motorcycle wreck, she forms an unusual friendship with one of her father’s thugs, Kellen, a tattooed ex-con with a heart of gold.

By the time Wavy is a teenager, her relationship with Kellen is the only tender thing in a brutal world of addicts and debauchery. When tragedy rips Wavy’s family apart, a well-meaning aunt steps in, and what is beautiful to Wavy looks ugly under the scrutiny of the outside world. A powerful novel you won’t soon forget, Bryn Greenwood’s All the Ugly and Wonderful Things challenges all we know and believe about love.



It starts off really good. I could understand Wavy when she was not talking, not eating, her constellation obsession. It was NICE.
Then she gets attached to Kellen. I thought he would grow up to be a father figure for her.

Wavy turned out to be different from what I thought. I thought Wavy would grow up to be this strong business-like woman in a suit. But she stays in her past (or in “LOVE”) and doesn’t want to live her own life.

I try to decipher a character as a person and most of the time I am successful. But Wavy was just too complex. Her thoughts. Her actions. I couldn’t understand why she made those choices. Wavy remains a mystery.

Also, I wasn’t rooting for Wavy and Kellen. I would have liked her to be done with all her past and live her life. But, yes, the romance and chemistry between Wavy and Kellen, often, made me forget the age difference.

It was a really good read. Loved it. Even if most of the time I was feeling like smacking some sense into these people (Don’t think a smack would have worked though)…

**I received my copy via NetGalley


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