Veronika Decides To Die


Veronika Decides To Die Veronika Decides To Die

AUTHOR: Paulo Coelho

GENRE: Fiction, Psychology

PUBLISHED: January 1998


Veronika seems to have everything she could wish for. She is young and pretty, has plenty of attractive boyfriends, goes dancing, has a steady job, a loving family, Yet Veronika is not happy; something is lacking in her life. On the morning on November 11th, 1997, she decides to die. She takes an overdose of sleeping pills, only to wake up sometime later in Villette, the local hospital. There she is told that although she is alive now her heart is damaged and she has only a few days to live…

This story followsVeronika through these intense days as her experiences lead her to question the whole idea of what madness is before she comes to realize that every second of existence is a choice that we all make between living and dying. VeronikaDecides To Die is a moving and uplifting song to life, one that reminds us that every moment in our lives is special and precious.



I would recommend this book to everyone. This book is so powerful. It makes you want to do new things, to really live your life. It makes you rethink your life choices. It makes you think what truly living can actually do.

Reading the title would make you assume it’s only about why Veronika, well, decided to die. But it’s so much more than that. The book explores how people perceive life. Difficulties faced by them. And how they can be cured of their monotonous, boring life with a little madness. Everyone is capable of madness but the right amount can make all the difference.

“Be crazy! But learn how to be crazy without being the center of attention. Be brave enough to live different.”

There were moments when that made me go WTF. Most of it was when Dr. Igor starts on his discovery of Vitriol. Other than that, the book gets 4 shiny stars.

As it’s said to the kids, the moral of the story (for me): follow your passion. Do things to make your soul happy and let your crazy out every once in a while.


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